This a trademarked course by Stance Consulting run in partnership with the African University of Science and Technology Nigeria.

The African University of Science and Technology (AUST) is a Pan-African institution, established in 2007 in response to a request from several African Heads of State, to give life to a request made by then President Nelson Mandela of South Africa, that the World Bank and the African Union work together to create strong Pan-African centers of excellence to improve sub-Saharan Africa’s capacity in Science and Technology. Thus, a network of the now so-called Nelson Mandela African Institutes of Science and Technology (NM-AISTs) was born. AUST in Abuja was the first of these Centers of Excellence to be established. It currently only offers Graduate level programs by a combination of course work and cutting edge research.

AUST is a member of the African Center of Excellence (ACE) through the Pan African Material Science Institute (PAMI).

Our Knowledge Solution

The Energy Intelligence Training Curriculum saves you time and curates the latest news from reliable sources in energy markets, policies and regulations, infrastructures, companies and other categories. The global energy landscape is going through major shifts and proactive stakeholders are building capacity for change. Understanding how energy politics, policies and markets are evolving and having some kind of sense about where they’re going is not only important for participants within the energy business sectors in particular but also quite critical for key decision makers who work at the management level of the energy industry.

The Energy Intelligence Series has been thoughtfully packaged to deliver relevant and timely insights to key actors in the energy industry who have to be brought up to speed with the dynamics in the industry.

The Main Objective

To bridge the knowledge gap amongst relevant actors, and combat the apathy towards issues that require critical and urgent responses.

Expected Learning Outcomes

The training series is expected to help participants develop extensive expertise and profound Insights in the following ways:

Deep Knowledge of Current and Future Trends &Technologies in the Energy Industry

Enhanced Insights on the Energy Transition

Sustainability Strategies

Improved Energy Leadership Skills

Improved Critical Thinking & Decision Making Skills in the face of discontinuities

Improved Adaptability Skills & Enhanced Capacity for Change

Our Facilitators

A team of experts in:

  1. Oil & Gas
  2. Renewable Energies and Technologies
  3. Sustainability Development
  4. Leadership & Strategy
  5. Energy Finance
  6. Energy Policies
  7. Energy Politics


Certificates for the Energy Intelligence Training Series will be awarded jointly by the African University of Science and Technology and Stance Consulting Limited.

Certificates are given for each course attended.

Request for the Energy Intelligence Brochure:
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